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Top 3 Cell Phone Spyware Softwares

Cell phone spyware. Sounds like something out of a James Bond movie and while it doesn’t seem like it is something you can buy off the internet, without a doubt it is. Next question, is cell phone spyware legal? According to the writers and distributers of the programs apparently it is. Of course there is the disclaimer that it is only licensed for parents to use on their children’s phones. In reality it can be installed on almost any phone that you have access to, and once installed it is very difficult to detect.

An interesting idea for someone wanting to track their children’s whereabouts and activities, and a bit scary for anyone else that uses a cell phone. Cell phone spyware allows the person to track the phone as well as retrieve most of the data stored on the phone secretly at any time. To make it worse, the phones mike can be turned on so that the spy can listen into conversations happening around the phone and even download pictures from the camera.

  • Big Daddy Spy:

    Big Daddy Spy comes in three flavors Flyware Light, Flyware Pro and Flyware pro-x. This software allows you to monitor emails, text messages, calls, and GPS. It can be installed on Blackberry, iPhone, Sybian, Cindroid and Window Mobile. The disclaimer on this product is that it is licensed only for the parental monitoring of children.

    One way of controlling the software remotely is by SMS messages. These messages remain unseen by the phone user. You can have all SMS messages and email sent to your Flyware web account. There is also location tracking and real time GPS tracking. The pro upgrade will allow audio surveillance so that you can remotely turn on the microphone to listen in and the pro-x upgrade allows call interception.

  • Mobistealth:

    This software allows for call recording, checking the cell phone call history, checking the duration of calls to a specific number, turning on the phones microphone to listen to what is happening around the phone, and finally the ability to record what is happening around the phone simply by sending a secrete SMS message.

    The GPS feature allows you to track the phones movement. If GPS is not available you can use an alternative method of finding the cell tower nearest the phone.

    If the phone is data compatible things like web history, bookmarks and even pictures stored on the phone can be uploaded into your online spy account.

    This software will also allow all the data on the phone to be wiped out is your phone is lost or stolen.

  • Flexispy:

    This comes in several different flavors like Flexispy-Pro-X, Flexispy iPhone, Flexispy – Pro, FlexiRecord, Flexispy – Light, and Flexishild.

    FlexiSpy software includes features like Remote listening, controlling the phone by SMS, SMS and email logging, call history logging, location tracking, call interception, and GPS tracking. Conversations can be recorded remotely and stored only spyware account.

Is my phone being spied on?

Likely one of the easiest ways to tell if your phone has spyware in it is by the length of time the phone remains charged. Many of these features require the phone to transmit data regularly, especially when a feature like monitoring is turned on. If your phone frequently looses it’s charge quicker than normal, you might suspect spyware.