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Evolution of Text Messaging Abbreviations

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With the evolution of text messaging these days there is a new world of words being used within these to make it look attractive, to shorten the message length or for any other purpose. As a whole it seems that youngsters have developed a small new dictionary for the text messages. Many abbreviations and short forms are being used in the messages. The younger generation seems to have developed a habit of using these short words while doing a text message. Some of these words are abbreviated so strongly that many times it becomes almost impossible to understand by some people that what that word actually means.

There are many people saying “sup” instead of what’s up and “TTYL” instead of “talk to you later” etc. Such talks are generally observed among the youngsters of a particular age group. Many people find it baseless to use such short language to demonstrate what they are trying to say. What is the harm in writing just a few more words which would make the conversation look m ore mature and easy to understand? The use of abbreviations is still increasing among the youngsters. It is not so much used by people of elder age groups. Some people find writing in abbreviations as a style statement and think that it makes them look cooler and superior.

While there is other category of people who do not use these abbreviations for style but to make things short and complete their message in minimum word length. In other words, it increases the speed of writing a text message also Text messaging itself is considered to be a way of fast and short communications but still people are creating new abbreviations to make it even shorter. Besides there being some pre defined abbreviations people are creating new abbreviations of their own just to make it convenient for themselves.

Hence almost every day a new abbreviated word is being created. When asked by the youth they think there is no such harm or nothing wrong in using these abbreviations while text messaging. Therefore it has been in use till today. It is hence sometimes referred to as the language of the new generation. Besides many people still going for the normal English vocabulary in the text messages, the abbreviations are used by a majority among the youth and some of them are even considered apt to some extent. For example “ASAP” means “as soon as possible” and “FYI” means “for your information”. Both of these are being used not only by the youngsters but also used in business purposes and elsewhere.

Hence there is no point in saying that using these abbreviations is baseless as it is being accepted by many people in today’s era. These are used not only while text messaging but also while conversations are being done over the internet while chatting. In today’s date there are so many abbreviations that have evolved over these years that if they are all put together as a whole then it could even be possible to create a separate dictionary with them which we can refer to as the so-called SMS language dictionary.