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Sexting (SexText) – Do you know what your kids doing with their cell phone?

Technology has always been a pioneer in new vocabulary. The computer and internet generation has put thousands of new words into daily use. Once added these words often have a tendency to evolve into new meanings as the years, months or even weeks pass by. While most of these new words and phrases are really only important if you are keeping up to date with the technology that spawn them, there are some that as a parent you might want to pay a little more attention to. One of these is “sexting”.

What does Sexting mean?

Well, to break it down it combines two words, sex and text (as in text messaging). “But surely my daughter would never do that!” Maybe not, but it’s worth talking to them about.

Sexting can involve a number of things from suggestive text messaging, to sending suggestive of even explicate pictures to others over the cell phone. At times this is done as a dare or at the request of the recipient, other times someone gets hold of a picture and starts spreading it around to others. Either way, once that image is out there, there is no taking it back, it will remain out there.

My kids would never Sext!

While your teenager will never admit to this, kids don’t always have the experience to make wise decisions. She may not realize that that cute guy that she likes so much may not be so great after all and well breakups happen.

It might start with more innocent, suggestive pictures and work its way up to more explicit images in time as he gains her trust. It’s even more common when there is alcohol or friends egging it on. Often it starts with just suggestive text messages.

Do you know the lingo?

Once again technology has spawned a new language or slang for texting. In this case it’s an abbreviated language that is often used by online video gamers and texters. It’s fast, efficient and if you don’t know the language pretty well encrypted. Specific abbreviations like p911, let the person receiving the text or game text know to tone it down there is a parent in the room, as in parent 911 or emergency. Not all texts are quite as tame as just saying that a parent is in the room. Some of the other ones parents need to watch for are Hookup Texts and Explicit texts.

  • Hookup Texting- These texts are used to encourage hooking up, or getting together for casual sex.
  • Extremely Explicit Texting – There are texting abbreviations that describe any sexual act imaginable.

For teens Sexting = Child Pornography

Does your child know he or she can be tried for child pornography? If explicit pictures of a teenager (male or female) is found on their computer or phone or if they forward or send these pictures to other people they can be charged. If they don’t know, then he or she needs to be told. Also a person over 18 sending explicit text only, text messages to someone under 18 whether the minor’s age is known or not can be held liable for child molesting.

If you are looking for a resource for more information about Sexting or would like your hlep your kids with this subject you might consider sending them to this page YOUNG PEOPLE ASK - What Should I Know About Sexting?. This article talks about the reasons why teenages often get into sexting, it's consequences, and some real life experiences and suggestions on what to do when pressured to sext.

Texting Dictionary

We have chosen at this time to limit abbreviation terms of a highly explicit nature. While we have included less explicit slang abbreviations and those related to hiding the messages from parents there are certain subjects we have chosen not to get into.