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Best Features of an iPhone

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When someone is going to buy a new phone or anything new for that matter, it is a good idea to look into what the product has to offer. One of the best ways to do that is through customer reviews. iPhone have a very good reputation amongst the people that have them. Let’s go ahead and look at the reasons why.

Touch Screen

Many people look at the touch screen as something that is new and defiantly cool to have and use. But why? Well, if you are someone who was happy with his old phone and are seriously trying to find the same one again, you might not give it even a second thought to buying one with a touch screen. But, the iPhone’s touch screen can really come in handy.

One thing about it is the size. The size of a touch phone screen compared to a regular LCD screen, is much bigger and clearer. You can watch movies on it with ease, when using it to surf the web you can clearly see high definition pictures. The overall quality of the screen is obvious.


While this might not be as important to the average adult, more and more people are switching their phones to all texting plans. Why? Because it’s easier, can be done at practically any time (as long as you don’t get caught), and usually cheaper.

The iPhone’s texting capabilities are amazing. While being able to text as many people as you want simultaneously, you can also create group messages. Sending them to more than one person and every time that you text that group it will go out to all of them.

Going back to the touch screen as well, you will notice that the ability of texting is much easier. It shows a full QWERTY keyboard, and this can be changed to any other keyboard that you would want it to be. Also if you flip the phone on its side you will have a larger sized keyboard ready for your use.

iPhone Applications

The different applications, or apps as they are commonly known, are one of the main reasons that people get an iPhone. With hundreds of thousands of apps, anything from cooking to music, games and podcasts, the iPhone apps supply just about anything that you would want them to.

If you are a mother there is an app that can track your kid’s cell phones. If you like to cook there are various apps that show you the best recipes and reviews from people who have made them. If you are a guy in search of that perfect tool, there are even apps to help you find someone who is selling that tool as you are working on your project.

So whether you are a mother, father, son, or daughter, the iPhone can provide something that most phones can’t. You can surf the web, talk to your friends and be on the phone with your mother all at the same time with the iPhone.