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iPhone Vrs Blackberry Phones

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While it seems most people are biased toward the iPhone, the Blackberry also gets itself a fair share of attention. Why? Here are a few points to help you decide which phone is better for your texting and all around needs.

The Comparison

  • The Keyboards: The iPhone is famous for its easy access QWERTY touch board on a large screen. A Blackberry, on the other hand, is usually fairly large with a small screen and uses a full QWERTY button keyboard. While there are many different types of Blackberrys, most of them have the full QWERTY keyboard. The other small portion has a normal keypad with a cheap phone’s functionality.
  • Memory: The iPhone can hold up to 64 gigabytes of music downloaded straight onto it. A Blackberry has a removable memory chip which can range anywhere from 1 gigabyte to 64 gigabytes, as well as some internal memory.
  • Navigation: The Blackberry usually features a small track pad, which is used for most of the navigation of the phone. iPhones have a full touch screen that is used for the full navigation of the phone. The iPhone has four buttons, Home, sound up, sound down, and a locking button.
  • Chat: Blackberrys also have its own chat system where you can find and talk to other people that have Blackberrys. This feature is not found in the factory settings of an iPhone, you need to get an app to do this.
  • Apps: Applications can be downloaded for both Blackberry and iPhone, however there are many more app available for the iPhone.

 iPhone Apps and Blackberry Apps

Finding apps is very easy for the both types of phones. For Blackberrys there are roughly about 3000 apps. For the iPhone there are many more than 250,000 apps and there are hundreds more every week. So you can see that if you have little kids that want to play games or you yourself just like to play with different apps, the iPhone would be the best choice for you. The prices of these apps are anywhere from hundreds of dollars for an expensive GPS system to many, many free games.

You can often find iPhone apps that are good for around the house as well as when you are up and about. One thing about the iPhone apps, often time the newer apps are designed for the newest iPhone, so if you do not have the newest iOS, you cannot run some of the apps. On the other hand, most of the Blackberry apps are able to be used in all Blackberry phones.

The iPhone has easy access applications that you can use just by touching the icon on the screen. There are thousands of apps that you can buy to upgrade your iPhone experience. You have apps that are for kids to play with, along with apps that adults can play with. There is an app for just about anything that you can imagine.

Best Price

While the prices of phones are constantly changing, the iPhone is almost always in the hundreds of dollars. The Blackberry, on the other hand, can cost anywhere from 60 USD to around 650 USD and you can get them refurbished for even cheaper. iPhones range anywhere from over 1000 USD down to around 60 USD.

So the argument between iPhone and Blackberrys is a never ending fight for popularity. Which will you choose?