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Cell Phone Tracking

We all know someone who has gotten something stolen from them at one time or another, but it's easy to think, “Well that could never happen to me.” But the reality is people get their phones stolen on a daily basis. That’s why, when you buy and expensive phone, it usually comes with the ability to track it down if it gets stolen. Also if you don’t have the ability to track your phone, you can often shut your phone off so the people who stole it can’t use it.

GPS Cell Phone Tracking

There are various things that you can do to get a tracking system on your phone, anything from minute to minute GPS signal, to seeing who the person that stole your phone is talking to. There are various different types of cell phone trackers available that are completely legal, take little time and are easy to put onto your phone, oftentimes without the person knowing that they are being tracked.

A popular used program can be found at Howtotrackacellphone.com and this can be used for looking at someone’s phone and seeing who they are texting and talking to as well as seeing where their phone has been with GPS. It is easy to install and can be used by parents who are wondering who their kids are talking to.

Phone Company Cell Phone tracking

Many phone companies also offer services ot help you find a stolen phone. Often you can ask the phone company to turn on tracking for your phone after it has been stolen and they can give you it's present location and at times where it has been in the past.

Limiting the Damage

When a cell phone thief gets your phone he also controls your account It's bad enough that you lost your phone, don't get stuck with a huge internet access fee also. Turn your phone plan off!

If you have a SIMs card in your phone, it’s much easier to turn it off. When talking about turning it off, it’s to say that it makes it so the other person that stole your phone cannot use your phone. There are various methods of doing this, mostly depending on if you have a SIMs card or not.

If you have a SIMs card, you can often turn it off by going to the cell phone company and tell them that your phone got stole. They will usually give you a few options on what you can do; usually one of those is turning off your SIMs card. If that isn’t something they tell you, you can always ask.

If you have a normal phone which has no SIMs card, they will shut off your service so you aren’t being charged for whatever the person is doing on your phone. I recommend that you do it quickly because they can rack up quite a bit of credit using the internet and international calls. This could potentially cost you thousands of dollars, so you might want to do it within the same day.

So if your phone got stolen, don’t think that there is nothing that you can do, you can always go to your personal wireless carrier and ask them to turn off your SIMs chip or to shut off your cellular plan. If you are reading this and got your phone stolen, I’m sorry.